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Review: 3 Reasons why you need blanketID

Every so often an idea comes along that seems to tick all the boxes.

It’s like finding the perfect shoe – a killer heel that not only looks stunning, it also doesn’t leave you crippled by the end of the night. Well, Pretty Fluffies, blanketID may not be the perfect shoe, but it is the perfect dog tag.

Why do I love blanketID you ask of thee? Well dear friend, here is a list of three. (Such a SHAME there are no poetry reading sessions in my neighbourhood isn’t it?) But really – here are the 3 reasons why you NEED blanketID.

Large range of patterns & colours

{1} The first thing that sucked me in to noticing blanketID was the adorable range of patterns and colours these dog tags come in. Lightweight, scratch resistant and waterproof you feel like a kid in a candy store picking out your tag.

Unmatched Security & Safety

{2} But beautiful aesthetics aside, the second reason I love blanketID is because beyond the pretty colours each tag actually comes with a specific ID number that is linked to an online account where you, as the pet owner, store all your details in your pet profile. That way should your pet ever be separated from you, all it take is for someone to see the blanketID tag and they can jump on to blanketID to report your pet as found– saving a lot of worry time between getting them to the local vet to check for a microchip. Plus whenever you move or change phone numbers, there’s no need for a new tag – just update your details online. For North American residents you even get the advantage of automatically sending a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, and other local blanketID members when you report your pet missing. Talk about buying piece of mind.

Supporting animal welfare

{3} My third and possibly favourite reason for adoring blanketID is their Blanket Fund for Animals and their Funds Forever Program. For every blanketID tag registered, money is donated to the Blanket Fund for Animals providing animals with life saving treatment, medication and loving homes. And just this year blanketID introduced the Funds Forever Program, allowing any company, retailer or organisation to produce their own custom-designed blanketID tag, whilst donating a portion of sales to their favourite pet project. To think one little tag could bring so much happiness!


  • Failsafe way to keep your pet safe
  • Online access to your pets details 24/7
  • Lost pet reporting system linked to shelters and vets
  • Linked to your dog’s microchip
  • Large range of colours and designs
  • Gives back to animals


  • All dogs
  • Shelter and vet reporting system nationwide in North America
  • Pet owners wanting security in their dog tag
  • Style savvy pet owners


To find out more and purchase your very own blanketID tag you can visit their site here.

One last tip before I go…if you’re like me and switch up your dog’s collars every so often, don’t despair, with the blanketID tag just order the rubit clip accessory (pictured) to make changing collars and tags a breeze. Voila! No more rusty metal dog tags for you – thanks to blanketID your pooch will be safe AND styling.

What’s your favourite blanketID design?

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8 responses to “Review: 3 Reasons why you need blanketID”

  1. Not only do we have one for our own dog, but we’re actually gonna do a ‘lil something MORE with BlanketID later this week after the first deal sold out 🙂 So if you’re looking to scoop one up…keep your eyes open 😉
    -Mike, founder, crazy dog person

  2. blanket says:

    Thank you so much Serena, such a fantastic review! I think Pop tart was the perfect choice for Soda, it’s a great pic 🙂

  3. We heart blanketID! Soda looks stunning with her tag…that pink tongue?! So cute!

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