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In Memory of Jack

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

You may or may not know that National Pet Memorial Day falls on the 8th September this weekend. If you have a pet that is no longer with you consider lighting a candle for them, visiting their resting place, or just taking a moment to remember how special they were to you.

Here at Pretty Fluffy we’re remembering a boy who was close to the heart of one of our regular contributors, Julie, from Missy Moo Studio.

From Julie:

My sister Kathleen and her husband Nick adopted Jack when he was just a puppy. They really wanted a disney character name, so “Captain Jack” was chosen (because who doesn’t love Johnny Depp). As an only fur baby, he was very loved and very spoiled.

Jack was a super big cuddle bug who always passed out on your lap with his tongue lopping out the side of his mouth. He loved nothing more then trying to jump on the dashboard of the car and chase the windshield wipers (wish I had video of that because it was crazy funny). He enjoyed trips for coffee, where he always got a double helping of the free bones they give out to doggy companions (since the baristas loved him so much).

Jack was only 4 when he died suddenly of a blood clot. He is dearly missed. Jack will always be remembered for his long cuddles and his constant joy. I really wish I had taken more photos of him before he passed. He really was a super special dog.


Thanks to Julie for sharing Jack with us today. For all of you that have lost pets, I’m sending you much love this weekend and always.

If you’re ever wanting to post a tribute to your pet or connect with others I suggest visiting Our Wonderful Pets – a special place where people gather to honour their pets.

Their time with us is indeed too short.


Missy is the doggy that inspired Missy Moo Studio! She is a five year old english bulldog. Julie is the owner of Missy Moo Studio. She likes chocolate, pink, and anything retro. She drives a new Beetle and hopes someday to have it custom painted pink. She (of course) loves design and photography. She adores animals sooo much, she almost became a veterinarian. She fell in love with computers…and that grew into a love of design. She specializes in pet photography and print design (logo creation, business card design, etc.)


Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Missy Moo Studio

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4 responses to “In Memory of Jack”

  1. Casey O says:

    Your story totally made me cry. What a sweetie!

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I recently lost a beloved dog… His name was Findley and he was a 10 year old Cairn Terrier. He was taken from us far too young, snatched away by colon cancer. He is buried at our family farm.

    Here is a picture of him I took just weeks before he passed:

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