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Celebrity Pets: Peter Alexander & Penny

Many moons ago I was lucky enough to interview Peter Alexander about his dog Penny. I say lucky because A) Peter is an absolutely wonderful guy to speak to and completely down-to-earth and B) I got to talk about fashion and dogs within the same conversation without seeming completely Crazy. Yes. With a capital C.

For those of you that don’t know, Peter Alexander is the king of sleepwear and his designs are popular worldwide. I still consider Peter the man behind bringing ugg boots back into fashion and making the world of bedwear stylish again.

{Peter & Penny}

So those many years ago, Peter and and his gorgeous dachshund, Penny, were going to appear on a show I was working on and I conducted what’s called a pre-interview prior to the taping of his segment. Within a few minutes of our conversation starting I knew I had found a kindred spirit in Peter.  This was a dog owner who not only LOVED his dog, but loved all things stylish and fashionable.

Who knew the world of design and dogs could work so well together? I remember at the time Peter’s apartment was completely geared towards not only his comfort, but Penny’s as well. All of his furnishings were soft, muted browns to match Penny’s fur…his bed was low to the floor allowing her little legs to access it…he even had a lift within the apartment to prevent Penny from straining her back walking up stairs. But at the same time it still looked like a slick, inner city pad.

But Peter didn’t only infuse the gorgeous Penny into his lifestyle, he incorporated her into his business and she went on to become the fluffy mascot of his brand. Her face started popping up on bags, Daschund printed PJs became the store’s signature item, and even doggy homewares started to appear in the trademark pink PA shops.

Peter Alexander and Penny

Image credit: rescu.com.au


To this day Peter credits Penny to awakening his passion for animals and their welfare. He is a RSPCA hero and has raised thousands of dollars for dogs in need through sales and VIP nights. Peter also partnered with the team behind the Mr Men book series to release a special edition book Little Miss Hug and Penny The Dog, based on – you guessed it – Peter’s beloved Penny.

Sadly Penny has since passed on, but I’m so glad her gorgeous spirit is kept alive in the many designs of the Peter Alexander brand.

Now every time I buy my latest lust-have from PA it warms my soul to have Penny’s sweet face smiling up at me.

I tell you…if you like things fluffy and you like things pretty, this is a place you want to check out. Here are some sweet tid-bits from his Spring Catalogue to get you started…

Peter Alexander on Pretty fluffy{From Top Left: Ladies Stripe 3/4 PJ Pant $49.90, Men’s Stripe ‘The Boss’ Lounge Pant $45.00, Bow Stripe Cami & Knicker Set $49.90, PA Coin Purse $19.90}

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